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I am in my late forties, a proud husband, father, and a bard. I am a book pedlar by trade and a bookman by vocation. I am a romantic, a realist, and a Believer. I like a good joke, and a bad one even better. I admire all ladies for the innate beauty that is in each one, but my heart is sworn to the fair and gentle Lady Lorelei, who has consented to share my life and my name.

Monday, June 18, 2012


It is immoral for a Prince
To promise to his people
What he cannot deliver.
Nor is he a leader who
Demogogues the few,
Making them scapegoats
For the many.
It is not enlightenment
To harness envy
As a means of gvernment.
And only the most foolish
Would think the rules
That apply to individuals
Are not just as binding
On nations.
The people who follow such a man
Walk in darkness.
And the tragedy of it all
Is not the fall of the mighty,
But of the innocents destroyed
In his falling.


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