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I am in my late forties, a proud husband, father, and a bard. I am a book pedlar by trade and a bookman by vocation. I am a romantic, a realist, and a Believer. I like a good joke, and a bad one even better. I admire all ladies for the innate beauty that is in each one, but my heart is sworn to the fair and gentle Lady Lorelei, who has consented to share my life and my name.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

How was I so fortunate as this:
To win a heart so fiery as yours?
So fierce, so proud, and yet so delicate;
Steel wrapped in velvet, gentle to my touch;
Stronger than me in oh so many ways,
Yet yielding to the caress of my hand;
An anchor for my drifts of fantasy;
A muse to summon words unto my tongue;
A spirit that can match my roguish imp
And give me back as good in my own trade.
You who see me ruly as I am,
With all my faults, with all my might have beens;
You give me reason to keep dreaming dreams,
And fill my nights with passion and desire.
A grand adventure I once promised you,
Yet you have given far more back to me.
And I cannot imagine living life
Without you, where you've gotten neath my skin,
Into my blood, my heart, my soul, my wife.


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