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I am in my late forties, a proud husband, father, and a bard. I am a book pedlar by trade and a bookman by vocation. I am a romantic, a realist, and a Believer. I like a good joke, and a bad one even better. I admire all ladies for the innate beauty that is in each one, but my heart is sworn to the fair and gentle Lady Lorelei, who has consented to share my life and my name.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


That which cannot go on forever
Won't. The end will come,
Inevitable, unavoidable; the cliff face
Eaten away by the eroding waves,
Sliding into the crashing foam;
The splendid edifice succombing to
The dry rot of the passing years neglect.
Civilizations die inch by inch,
Compromise by compromise;
Where decadence is praised
And called sophistication,
While virtue is condemned intolerance,
Shamed into the shadows;
The body politic devoured from within
By parasites that fed upon
The sustenance of the culture,
Leaving the rotted husk behind.
The pockets of enlightenment
Grow smaller and smaller
Until the lights go out
And the darkness falls.


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