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I am in my late forties, a proud husband, father, and a bard. I am a book pedlar by trade and a bookman by vocation. I am a romantic, a realist, and a Believer. I like a good joke, and a bad one even better. I admire all ladies for the innate beauty that is in each one, but my heart is sworn to the fair and gentle Lady Lorelei, who has consented to share my life and my name.

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Father's Sword

My Father was a warrior,
In many battles strong.
His armor hung in readiness
Awaiting duty's call.
For many years he served his liege,
A loyal man at arms.
And always he proved faithful
To the summons of his lord.

And o'er the mantle there was hung
My Father's greatest pride,
Given by his liege lord
On the day he swore his oath;
The honor of his household
That he guarded with his life,
Encompassed within the scabbard
Of my father's sword.

My elder brothers coveted
The honor of that sword.
The image of our Father,
They grew up strong and tall.
Within their pride they struggled
For the precedence of place,
Till in their rage they struck the blows
That broke our mother's heart.

What then of Father's youngest son
Born in humility:
Never meant for battles,
A poet in my soul.
Honor grows in many forms
Un-noted by the world:
The one who lived to carry on
My Father's house and name.

The call went out for warriors
To ride in raid and war.
My brothers dead, it fell to me
To represent our house.
As final son I was forbid
To throw away my life.
And so I chose to serve with words
And not my Father's sword.

Although I've not fought battles
Nor ridden in the wars,
My name is known in noble halls
Because I make the words
That sing the praise of warriors
Saved for posterity,
And earned for me a lady's love
That I have lived to share.

So here I've built a home and life
With children of my own.
Upon my wall there hangs the warblade
That my Father loved.
Around my hearth is gathered here
The glory of my house.
A legacy of Honor
Worthy of my Father's sword.

And you, my son, I see you play
Here dreaming of the day
That you might ride with sword in hand
To Honor and renown.
My Father's sword may one day hang
Upon your wall as well.
For your Honor is within you
Written in the life you live.

And if you live true to yourself
Your Honor you will find.
And thus you will prove worthy
To bear my Father's sword.

And thus you will prove worthy.
To bear my Father's sword.


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